April 14, 2009

Mortar Fire in Shitholia.

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payneBy now, you surely have read about the United States Congressman Donald Payne’s plane barely having left the airport in Somalia before mortar rounds landed on the airport’s runway. Donald Payne represents New Jersey’s 10th congressional district. Yes, that makes him “my” congressman.

You probably read or heard that he is the Chairman of the racially exclusionary club known as the Congressional Black Caucus. He has served in Congress for more than twenty years, and he probably will have the “job” for life, as during the last few congressional elections, he has run unopposed. (In the 2008 presidential election the 10th congressional district went 87% to 13% in favor of Barack Obama.)

What the newspapers and electronic media didn’t tell you is that Donald Payne is positively useless as a representative and that he spends far more time worrying about the conditions in lawless shitholes like Somalia than he does about the conditions of the lawless shitholes in his own congressional district.

Take, for example, the Township of Irvington. Once a beautiful town, made vibrant by the pride that largely blue collar workers took in maintaining their hard-earned homes. The township boasted a thriving business center and a beautiful park.

Now, it has the look and feel of Mogadishu, except that in Irvington only the bad guys are armed. A former corrupt mayor was forced out of office, and crime is so rampant that State Troopers have been enlisted to patrol the streets. Indeed, as of 2007, Irvington had the highest violent crime rate of the New Jersey’s 15 major urban areas (Link). Gangs? You bet.

I, therefore, submit that, in the future, if Mr. Payne is intent on visiting rotting, corrupt, crime-ridden, hell holes, he need not set one foot outside his congressional district.

The good news for Mr. Payne is that the criminals in Irvington don’t have mortars. Yet.

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