April 2, 2009

Obama’s “To Do” List.

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PRS operatives, always on the case, have managed to get a copy of one of The One’s partially completed “To Do” Lists.

1. Pick out gift for Queen Whatshername. Maybe something musical, but No CDs!

2. Fire that capitalist pig who runs GM.

3. Tell Rahm to get moving on a new GM Board of Directors.

4. Return Bill Ayers’ call re: speaking gigs.

5. Thank Nancy Pelosi for the weed.

6. Call Soros: ACORN loved the rifles, but they want bayonets. Important for door-to-door canvassing. See if Soros will help.

7. Figure out someplace to send Biden where no one will see or hear the dopey bastard.

8. Learn about military stuff, like guns and missiles.

9. Ask Holder what’s keeping him from getting that capitalist pig Limbaugh off the air.

10. Ask Holder to have one of his guys draft an Executive Order – I will no longer be addressed as “Mr. President,” but rather as “My Leader.”

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