April 20, 2009

Yes, A Susan Boyle Post.

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If you haven’t heard anything about Susan Boyle, I figure you must live in a refrigerator box and have really stinky dainties, because her appearance on “Britain’s Got Talent” was the most viewed video on You Tube ever. So, for you Way-Behind-the-Curve, Stinky-Dainties Peeps, you can see the original clip of the Ugly Duckling – Ass-Kicking Singer here. (I’m directing you to LeeAnn’s site because that’s where I first saw the video and also because you should read LeeAnn’s site if you have anything even remotely resembling a sense of humor.)

When you’re done over there, come back here for a minute or two. I’m trusting you on this.

OK, now that you’ve seen the video, check out this song embedded above, which Susan Boyle recorded for a charity CD in 1999. It’s “Cry Me a River,” one of the truly great tunes.

As well as Susan Boyle sang “Cry Me a River,” (probably in one take, given that it was a charity CD), you simply must go out of your way to hear Roberta Sherwood sing it. (The song is on the linked CD, but an audio clip is not available). But dammit, laminate what I just said for your wallet.

Much like Susan Boyle, Roberta Sherwood began earnestly singing for a living at age 43. In her case, it was necessary because her husband was terminally ill and she had three sons to support. She appeared wearing a sweater and sang while smacking a bent, old cymbal with a brush to keep time.

Roberta Sherwood could tear your heart out with a song. She was probably the best Torch Singer of all time. Music to get plastered by, for sure.

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