April 9, 2009

Form 1040 and the RNC Call.

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I am sorely pissed.

I had my tax return prepared yesterday, and, as usual, I will be writing a sizeable check to the United States Treasury, the proceeds of which will immediately be sucked into the gaping federal rat hole created by the rogues in Washington.

While still fuming over the amount of tribute I am forced to pay to the government, I received a call from a young fellow from the Republican National Committee who asked me whether I would be “renewing” my membership (i.e. sending money) in the Republican Party.

The guy picked a bad night to call.

I began by saying that he sounded like a perfectly fine guy, but that I would consider “renewing” my membership when I see more Republicans in Washington develop “something resembling a spine and vocally oppose the crap that is going on in Washington now.” I stated that they could set an example by not seeking earmarks and voting against any other legislator’s earmarks. I added that they should all re-read the Constitution (assuming they’ve ever read it in the first place) and legislate accordingly.

After a pause (The guy’s surely was figuring, “Damn, I caught the nutbar.”), the fellow dutifully continued reading his script, which consisted of a litany of broad conservative principles. I interrputed his speech, noting that I already know the conservative principles and that I would “renew” my membership (i.e. send money) when I see Republicans actually acting on those principles.

I thanked him for his call. After all, it’s not his fault that the Democrats are dismantling the country and the Republicans are just standing around and watching it happen.

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