January 14, 2010

Yo, Jimbo ……

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So how’s the retirement thing goin’ so far?

More than a few people have asked me that in recent weeks. I thought I’d give you a peek at my day today.

Had to skip breakfast (bad – I now regularly eat breakfast), because I had an early appointment for a haircut a/k/a my “hair appointment” with my expert hair cutter who thinks I have great farookin’ hair. A hair appointment necessarily trumps breakfast.

After my hair appointment, I swung by the store to pick up my new groundpounding shoes (ASICS), which had to be specially ordered, because of my Donald Duck EEEE feet. Store wasn’t opened yet.

Drove to the nail place for a manicure (Yes Virginia, real men get their nails done), but they weren’t open yet either.

Drove to the car wash to have my car washed (the full treatment, even including the shiny stuff on the tires). BTW, I no longer drive the Big Fat Black Capitalist Car. I now drive a sleek black Acura TL with all the doo-dads (“Blackura”), which is like driving a fighter plane. I love it.

Back to the nail place for the manicure. I listened to the Korean manicurists talk among themselves in Korean. I’m certain they were talking about my great farookin’ hair.

Left the nail place and went to the store to pick up the new groundpounding shoes. They fit nicely. Quack quack

Home to meet Mrs. Parkway for a trip to the Supermarket. Shopping during the week is just one of great things about being retired, because the store isn’t crowded. I figure I’m doing a good deed by shopping during the week, thereby making more room on the weekends for people who have to shop on Saturday or Sunday. Thank me.

Home: Lunch (Buffalo chicken tenders, cole slaw, Coke Zero)

Put away the boxes of Keurig K-Cups that were delivered today. BTW, the Keurig coffee maker may well be the most important appliance in the house, with possible exception of the dishwasher.

Did a couple loads of laundry. I am, as you know, a Laundry Guy.

Read some blogs.

Had to get on the phone with Comcast, because one of the televisions that has been cursed with the digital converter thing was not working properly. Of course, after ten minutes of back and forth trying to solve things over the phone, we will end up with a technician visit. Swell. (I had to talk to the Comcast person. Apparently there is a rule somewhere that women cannot speak with the Comcast person).

Things I definitely still will do today:

Eat dinner
More laundry

Things I might still do today:

Read more blogs
Finish the book I’ve been reading

A thing I intended to do today, but will likely put off until tomorrow (I blame my rough schedule and the Comcast problem): Re-string one of the guitars.

So, there you have it. As you can see, this retirement stuff isn’t as easy as you might think.

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