January 23, 2010

Spelling “Massachusetts”.

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Much laughter ensued when the word “Massachusetts” was misspelled in a Martha Coakley campaign ad. I know I laughed.

The truth is, though, that if Freddy Cannon had not recorded Boston “My Home Town”, I probably would screw up the spelling too. Since first hearing that record back when it was released in 1960 (Oy!), I sing a portion of the refrain in my head every time I have to spell “Massachusetts.”

It works wonders.

OK, here’s another spelling confession. When called upon to spell the word “encyclopedia,” I sing the Jiminy Cricket song from the Mickey Mouse Club
show in my cruller. Several years ago, I asked a bunch of people approximately my age to spell “encyclopedia” aloud, and it was clear to me that, to a person, they were singing the Jiminy Cricket song in their heads as they were spelling.

You’re welcome.

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