January 18, 2010

Dinner with Bingley.

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One of the best things that has come from blogging is getting to know and actually meeting very excellent peeps.

Mr. Bingley, of The Coalition of the Swilling, invited us to his home for dinner last night. Also in attendance were Jersey Bloggers Fausta of Fausta’s Blog, Gregor of Sad Old Goth and Suzette of Cripes Suzette, all of whom I had previously met at Jersey Blogmeets, some in 2005 and some in 2007 (both in the cases of Suzette and Gregor). This marked my first opportunity to meet some of bloggers’ spouses, who by definition are very tolerant peeps for putting up with being married to bloggers, who oftentimes seem to be married to the computer.

If you’ve followed Bingley’s Blog (as well you should), you know that he is more than comfortable in the kitchen and in the wine and spirits store as well. As a result, we were treated to an excellent dinner and plenty of terrific adult beverages. As usual, whenever bloggers assemble, a hilarious blabfest ensues, and this was no exception.

I’d like to thank the Bingleys for an excellent evening.

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