June 3, 2009

Corzine vs. Christie — Game On.

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Much as I thought would happen, Chris Christie defeated Steve Lonegan in the Republican Primary yesterday. As I noted yesterday, I favored Lonegan, but Christie would be light years better than Jon Corzine. Hell, Bugs Bunny would be better.

Corzine has already launched his first salvo. He charged that “he would work better with the Obama administration and Republican opponent Chris Christie is not ‘in alignment’ with New Jersey voters’ values.”

His own record is so piss-poor that he has apparently decided to hitch his wagon to The One in hopes that the sheeple who turned out in droves to participate in the “historic moment” will turn out in November for him. As for “working better with the Obama Administration,” I would prefer a governor who would tell the Administration to piss off, particularly if it comes to taking federal dollars and surrendering whatever state sovereignty we have left to the federal government.

With respect to New Jersey voters’ values, the overriding concern of most Garden Staters that I run into is paying the murderous taxes and worrying about whether they will continue to have a job, given regulatory burdens placed on businesses, which are causing them to flee the state.

Some of Corzine’s shtick is downright laughable. He said, “We must choose to put aside partisanship in favor of results… . There is simply no time left to waste on the politics of yesterday.” Put partisanship aside? Are you kidding me? He’s counting on the partisanship of the average New Jersey voter. In addition, I’m not surprised that he doesn’t want to focus on the “politics of yesterday,” because his rotten performance as governor is the “politics of yesterday.”

To me, the funniest and most pathetic thing about Corzine’s first shot at Christie was when he linked him to George Bush. Yo, Jon. Have you been following the news? George Bush is no longer the president.

I truly hope that Corzine loses and loses big — and in a sane world, he would be clobbered, but this is New Jersey. I’ve lived here all my life, and I know the way things work. Corzine will pump millions of his own money into the campaign (as he did to win his U.S. Senate seat and the governorship), and the monster democrat machine along with the public employee unions will go into Maximum Destruct Mode.

I’m not looking forward to the campaign.

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