June 2, 2009

New Jersey Primary.

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Jersey is holding its primary elections today. In the Democrat Primary, Jon Corzine, our illustrious ueberliberal, super rich, failed Goldman Sachs executive, weenie, spendocrat governor is running against three people who have about as much chance of getting the nomination as I do of getting hit in the head with a piece of space junk while walking down the street carrying a can of plaid paint in my back pocket.

The candidates in the Republican Primary are Chris Christie, a former federal prosecutor with an admirable record of getting convictions of corrupt Jersey politicians (of both parties), which is a very good thing. He is opposed by Steve Lonegan (LON-i-gan), the former Mayor of the town of Bogota (Bah-GO-tah).

Being one of the ten or twelve Republicans in my town (It sure seems that way), I had to pick between Christie and Lonegan, either of whom would be preferable to the current sorry ass. Both make lower tax and “clean up Trenton” promises, and the extent to which either of them can accomplish that, if elected, is a crapshoot. Christie, as noted, was a wonderful prosecutor, but he lacks executive experience. Lonegan, by contrast, was a three-term mayor.

Lonegan is clearly the more conservative of the two, and the conventional wisdom is that Christie has a better chance of beating Corzine and the democrat machine in the general election. So, as was the case in November, I had to choose between the candidate I prefer (Lonegan) and the candidate who is more likely to beat the democrat in November (Christie).

Ultimately, I came down on the side of Lonegan. Lonegan is more the anti-Trenton renegade, while Christie enjoys the backing of the political establishment. Given that my view is that every incumbent politician (both parties) in Trenton should be voted out of office (They’re all part of the problem), I went for the stronger anti-Trenton, more conservative candidate. I’m tired of voting for the guy who is “more likely to win in November” over a candidate I prefer, because that approach ultimately begat The One.

If Lonegan wins, fine. Let’s see in November how sick of the Trenton Political Swamp the voters in the state really are. If Christie wins, that’s fine too, because he will be infinitely better than the jackass currently in office.

Even if Lonegan loses, I hope he draws a big enough vote to push Christie further to the right and to get the attention of the democrat swine in Trenton who act as if they govern by Divine Right.

No matter who wins, I guarantee the November election will be ugly.

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