June 10, 2009

A Trip to the Verizon Store

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cell-phone-nokiaI accompanied Mrs. Parkway to the Verizon store for her purchase of a new cell phone. Her current phone has been a piece of crap from day one. Often, to get the damned thing even to turn on, you had to remove and reinsert the battery. Lately, it would hold a charge for about an hour. A new phone was definitely in order.

I was there merely for moral support but more importantly as the “account holder,” for without my presence, nothing can happen. Verizon is quirky that way, but it would a pain in the ass to set up two totally separate accounts, and one can only spend so much time in a phone store without risking a hypertensive crisis..

Anyway, she picked out a very nice, serviceable phone, with a minimum of doodads and without any meddling on my part (see above photo). Besides, Verizon doesn’t offer a phone with a doodad that I think would be very useful for her. That would be a phone with a doodad on it that would remind her to turn the farookin’ thing on.

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