June 26, 2009

A Legislative Pile of Crap.

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I am so pissed that my eyes won’t completely focus.

If you’ve paid attention to what little news there is about the Cap and Trade Bill that was being considered by the House of Representatives, you would know that it’s a twelve-hundred page cornucopia of opaque statutory language, the goal of which is to create a massive energy tax scheme and an invitation to the federal government into your town, your home, your home owners association, your car, your workplace, your supermarket and God knows what else. It creates a derivative market (Can you say Fannie Mae?) in “energy credits” to be run by the morons in Congress and nameless federal bureaucrats. What could go wrong?

Twelve hundred pages! Keep in mind that interspersed throughout the twelve-hundred pages of turgid legislative language are numerous references tying the Cap and Trade statute into other federal statutes, each one being complicated in its own right.

OK, if that wasn’t bad enough, at the eleventh hour the detestable Henry Waxman parachuted a three-hundred and ten page amendment into the already huge bill.

I have not read the 1,200 page bill (although I know what its sponsors have in mind), but for the hell of it I spent fifteen minutes scrolling through the 300+ page amendment. There was plenty in there, which reflects the dogged work of “Green” lobbyists that would make Joe American’s hair stand on end.

You have to understand that when an amendment is offered, it is not done in the form of a redlined document (e.g. Word “track changes”), which is the way that people in the twenty-first century would do things. That would make things more transparent. No, the amendment says things like, “Section 25, subparagraph B, fourth line, insert the following ….” What that means is that in order to understand how the amendment changes the statute, one has to hold the amendment up next to the 1,200 page bill and essentially hand-mark the bill.

There is no way under the sun that anyone in Congress – ANYONE in Congress — managed to go through that exercise to in order to understand what the final bill really says. And yet, these bastards voted on it and passed it today.

Let me say, as goofy as this blog might be, I have some pretty fancy credentials when it comes to reading and sorting out the content of federal statutes. I figure it would take me at least an full working week to work through the entire statute to know what the hell is in there, and I’m to believe that the collection of fools who managed to get themselves elected to Congress digested all this in a matter of a day or two?


I’m not even going to get into what I (and legions of climatology experts) believe to be the extremely questionable premise on which this legislative pile of crap is based, because the existence of genuine scientific debate doesn’t matter. This has nothing to do with “Climate Change,” but has everything to do with tax and overarching federal power.

I would love to give every son of a bitch in Congress who voted for this mess a quiz on the content of the bill. Not one of them would score higher than twenty percent, and you can take that to the goddamned bank.

You voted for change? Welcome to it.

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