June 13, 2009

Rain — Not the Wet Stuff. Updated.

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Today, the Usual Suspects will be heading to the New Jersey Performing Arts Center to see “Rain — a Tribute to the Beatles”. After that, dinner at a local Northern Italian Bistro. I’m looking forward to both.

Promises to be a good day, the forecasted rain notwithstanding.

Update: Here’s a quick update with regard to yesterday’s performance by Rain. The show was, quite simply, fabulous. If you’re a Beatles fan and this show comes to a venue near you, go see it. It is a multi-media show with five distinct pieces, including costume and set changes.

But, it’s the music that is positively stunning. The songs are all faithful to the originals, and all the music is performed live. What is most impressive is that most of the songs performed by Rain were never performed live by the Beatles themselves (the group’s last live performance was in 1966).

I’d go see it again.

Yeah, yeah, yeah … YEAH!

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