June 28, 2009

Three of Eight.

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By now you know (assuming some news broke through the Pop Curtain) that eight House Republicans voted for the Crap and Tax bill that was the subject of the previous post. I am saddened furious that three of the eight are representatives from New Jersey. (New Jersey has 13 seats in the House: 8 Democrat and 5 Republican).
Here are their names:

Frank LoBiondo, 2nd District, elected in 1994

Chris Smith, 4th District, elected in 1980

Leonard Lance, 7th District, elected in 2008

LoBiondo and Lance stated the reasons for their votes here and here. In both cases, their stated reasons are taken directly from Democrat talking points. As for Smith, one can speculate that his reasons may well include a promise to increase the existing promise of $500 Million to his district for a non-profit corporation boondoggle involving solar power.

Memo to Congressmen LoBiondo, Smith and Lance:

As representatives of New Jersey citizens, surely you are aware that New Jersey citizens and businesses are already being crushed under federal and state regulations and taxes. Add to that the scandalous amounts of property tax people and businesses pay to municipalities, with the result being that people and businesses cannot afford to stay here and are fleeing the state.

Surely you are also aware that the Cap and Trade Bill that each of you voted for will result in yet more bureaucracy, more regulations and an army of enforcement agents invading communities, businesses and (yes – if not immediately, in the future) people’s homes. I have no doubt that you know this having most carefully read all 1,200 pages of bill and having weaved in all the provisions of the 310-page amendment that was proposed at 3:00 a.m. on the day the bill was to be voted on.

You seem oblivious (or dismissive) of the inescapable reality that this bill amounts to a tax on energy, which will result in increases in prices in everything that involves, directly or indirectly, energy, which is … well … just about everything. Your burdening the already-tax battered people of the state with yet another tax is disgraceful, particularly at this time, and even more particularly, based the highly questionable (if not downright false) premise that carbon dioxide is somehow warming (or is it cooling?) the planet.

It apparently doesn’t concern you that similar measures have been tried in Europe and have failed miserably. They have resulted in huge tax increases and increased unemployment, without having any discernable effect on global temperatures.

You gentlemen are now in my radar and that of many, many others throughout this state. Next year I will do my very best, including using this little corner of the internet, to see that each of you will have to pack up your Washington operation and get a real job somewhere.

Maybe you can each get one of those millions of “green” jobs.

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