November 28, 2009

Big News in the Blogosphere.

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We all know what great things happened when Abbott teamed up with Costello, when Jackie Gleason teamed up with Art Carney, when Barnum teamed up with Bailey, when Burns teamed up with Allen, when Laurel teamed up with Hardy, when Simon teamed up with Garfunkle, when Bonnie teamed up with Clyde – oh, wait.

Well, brace yourselves.

Here it comes.

Better you should sit down.

Are you ready?

Here it is.

Dogette of Two Nervous Dogs and Laura of Fetch My Flying Monkeys, both well-known for humor that is as subtle as a Howitzer, have decided to team up at a new site, the purpose of which is to provide advice. Yes, indeed. An Advice Blog. Hopeless altruists, they are.

You ask, “Yo, Jimbo, what kind of advice are we talking about here?”

Don’t be a smartass and pretend that you don’t need advice. Everygoddamnedbody needs advice, and Dogette and Laura are chock full of it.

I can envision that they will entertain questions about virtually any topic. To wit:

Matters of the Heart
Dear Dogette and Laura,

My wife stabbed me multiple times when I forgot to put the garbage out. People say that once I’m released from the hospital, I should leave her. I think I should give her another chance. What do you think?

Health and Fitness
Dear Dogette and Laura,

I’m forty-six years old, and I finally learned how to swim last week. I’m thinking about swimming across the English Channel.
A couple people have told me I can do it if I lay off the booze for ten days. Sounds right to me, but I would like your opinion.

Dear Dogette and Laura;

I, have, “trouble” knowing “when” to use “quotation marks!” I – have commas, down pretty well, but I really, “need” some help with “quotation marks.” Do you have any tips?

Medical Matters
Dear Dogette and Laura:

I’ve been feeling poorly lately. I have no energy and my stools are psychedelic. I took one of those quizzes in an old issue of Reader’s Digest, the results of which suggested that I may have rabies. My friend who works at the gas station told me that he thinks it could be epizoodic or a side-effect from the pills I take for my ingrown asshole. I really need your help on this one.

I know you’re thinking, “Yo, Jimbo, this sounds great. When will the new site be up and how can I find it?”

Damned if I know. They say it will up “soon.”

Stay tuned. I’ll let you know.

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