November 24, 2009

One of the Great Bass Licks.

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I loves me some great percussion and I’m always taken by a silky smooth bass lick. This song has both and, best yet, here it is, live (no studio gimmicks, no retakes). For years, every time I’d be hanging with the Usual Suspects (where music is a constant), as the part of the song that contains the bass lick would approach, I’d slam the brakes on the multiple ongoing conversations, and it would go something like this:

Me: “Listen! … LISTEN!! … It’s coming up in a few seconds!”

Everyone Else: “What?”

Me: “The bass lick! Listen! … Just Lisssssten!”

Everyone Else: “Oh yeah, the damned bass thing.”

Me: “LISSSSSSTEN … Here it comes! … Here it comes!! … Riggggght NOW!” [Bass lick plays]

Me: “Wow!”

Everyone else: “OK.” [conversation immediately resumes]

They’ve always been at humoring me about such things. Now it’s your turn.

LISSSSSSSSTEN!……….The bass lick appears at 3:49 and then again (a bonus!) at 4:36.


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