November 17, 2009

TMI, Probably. UPDATED.

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There is probably a handful of you who’ve wondered if I’ve decided to give up blogging in favor of something less time intensive, such as, for example, collecting twine. Nope.

The reason I’ve been away from the keys (and will not spend much time at the keys for a few more days) is that I had surgery on Friday. No, it was not an emergency, nor was the condition life-threatening, but it was something that had to be taken care of.

I’m convinced that one of the tactics used by surgeons to ensure a steady income stream is to downplay how positively brutal post-surgical recovery can be, particularly for the first two days. After the first two days, one is just really sore and feels generally weak and shitty. The last time I had surgery with general anesthesia I was five years old. I seem to remember recovering faster back then.

I’m walking about now, albeit SLOWWWWWLY, and sleeping way more than I usually do.

So, that’s the story, peeps.


Update 11/22/09: I would like to thank everyone for the good wishes, all of which made me smile inside. Predictably, some of the comments were wonderfully smart-alecky (No, I will not change my name to “Jamie,” although “Grace” might be nice). I loved and appreciated every one of them. They most definitely helped.

I’m finally feeling considerably better. I even have managed to get my sorry ass outside for a few “strolls” (Still not ready to begin righteous groundpounding).

Thanks again, peeps.

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