November 25, 2009

The State Dinner I Missed.

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state-dinnerI declined my invitation to the White House state dinner the other night honoring the Indian Prime Minister, explaining in my response that I had a prior commitment to have my fingernails pulled out one at a time. Still I was curious about who attends these Presidential Shindigs, so I checked out the White House Press Office list of attendees. I found quite a few gems (The names are as they appear on the White House Press Office’s website):

I should note that I a was surprised by how many people have been identified as “The Honorable” So and So.

The Honorable (Mr.) Robert Gibbs, White House Press Secretary. How long have press secretaries been given the title “Honorable?” Seems a little nuts to me, particularly in the case of this dipshit.

The Honorable (Ms.) Lisa Brown, Office of Staff Secretary. “Honorable?” Sounds a bit like the office manager to me.

The Honorable (Chief of Protocol) Capricia Marshall. I’m guessing that the Honorable Ms. Marshall will be in charge of party favors, in which case everyone will get an Honorable ShamWow.

The Honorable Anita Dunn, White House Communications Director. I wonder if she brought along her little red book.

The Honorable (Secretary) Hillary R. Clinton, Secretary of State. Hillary the Honorable? You’re killing me here.

The Honorable (Senator) Chris Dodd, United States Senator (D/Connecticut). Chris the Honorable? Now you’re really killing me.

The Honorable (Speaker) Nancy Pelosi, United States Representative (D/California) and Speaker of the House. OK, you’ve killed me now.

The Honorable (Secretary) Timothy F. Geithner, Secretary of the Treasury. He cheated on his taxes honorably.

The Honorable (Senator) Richard Lugar, United States Senator (R/Indiana). Perhaps the only Republican legislator there. Can you say RINO?

The Honorable (Governor) Bill Richardson, Governor of New Mexico (D). I wonder if the Honorable Governor and the Honorable Hillary shared a moment.

There were a few notables on the list who, presumably, are something less than Honorable.

Mr. Thomas Friedman. I’m not the least bit surprised that this leftoid, global warming bullshit spewer made the cut. If I had to sit next to this bag of wind all night, I’d drown myself in my soup.

Brian Williams (NBC), Katie Couric (CBS) and Robin Roberts (ABC).
Do these people expect anyone with a brain larger than a lentil to consider them to be journalists?

General Colin Powell. An appropriately pigmentes RINO.

Sounds like I missed a real swell time.

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