November 30, 2009

Katie Couric Goes Shopping.

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Katie Couric stopped off at the supermarket on her way home from work and the following ensued:

Can of Lima Beans: Holy crap! Katie Couric!

Katie Couric: Who said that?

Can of Lima Beans: Over here. To your right. Second shelf down.

Katie Couric: A talking can of Lima Beans?

Can of Lima Beans: Nice tits.

Katie Couric: WHAT?!?!

Can of Creamed Corn: Ms. Couric, I apologize on behalf of the Lima Beans. It’s a dented can and the deadly clostridium botulinum bacteria have begun to multiply. He doesn’t know what he’s saying.

Katie Couric: Oh. Poor thing. I’m sorry.

Can of Creamed Corn: Actually, you have pretty shitty tits.

Katie Couric: I’m calling the f***ing manager!

Can of Creamed Corn: Really? Are you going to tell him that a can of creamed corn said you have shitty tits?

Katie Couric: Damned right!

Can of Creamed Corn: Jesus, you’re even dumber than I’d thought.

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