November 8, 2009

Nancy … Then.

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I would laugh my ass off at this, if it weren’t so sickening.


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This photo was taken in connection with Michelle Obama’s upcoming appearance on the Iron Chef television show, at which time she will reveal the “secret ingredient” that the competing chefs have to use in order to make a “meal for America.” (Her husband’s culinary specialty for a “meal for America” is, of course, the shit sandwich.)

Pictured from left to right are: Alton Brown of the Food Channel, Herself, and Mario Batali.

As you can see, each of them is dressed “in character.” Alton Brown (with the brown plaid jacket and non-matching gray, too-long slacks). is dressed as the nerdy, sciency guy he is on the Food Channel. Similarly, Mario Batali is wearing his trademark chef’s apron and orange Crocs. Not to be outdone, Michelle Obama is decked out in one of her signature clown outfits.

I so miss Laura Bush.

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