August 2, 2005

“No Money, No Funny”

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Willie wheelie.jpg

Here is a photo of my friend Willie taking a Sunday Drive. As I mentioned here, Willie won his class last week, as he did in 2002 when this picture was taken. (The car has since been painted to add “bumpers”, “headlights”, “tail lights”, and a “grill”.)

Here’s how the car looks in the pit. You ought to hear that thing!

Here’s Willie in his Sunday Best.

When Willie is not busy building and racing cars, he is coaching kids’ teams in various sports. In his “spare time,” he runs events like “Vinyl Night” and, along with his brother Paulie, the annual Super Bowl party at our American Legion Post. And, through all this, Willie never, ever misses an opportunity to crack a joke.

I am very lucky. I have some seriously cool friends.

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