August 6, 2005

My Cyber-Petri Dish.

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Petri dish.jpgYes, it’s time for another peek into my cyber-petri dish. For those who were dozing in biology class when microbiology was being discussed, a petri dish is a glass plate, which is coated with a substance that provides a place for bacteria to grow.

I unwittingly created my cyber-petri dish in January 2004 when I wrote a post about gang violence, which, since that day, has become something akin to a bulletin board where some of the practitioners of the art of gang violence come to share their ideas and opinions. On June 14 of this year, I invited you to take a peek at some of their pearls of wisdom.

Since that time, there have been in excess of sixty more thoughtful entries. I, therefore, invite you once again to have a look at some of these most intellectually stimulating entries. Again, I ask that you please not disturb them by commenting there, as they are best observed without any human interference.

Saturday — Nuttin’.

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I’ve been sitting here for far too long reading blogs, hoping to come up with something worth writing. No dice, so far. Anyway, daughter TJ and Mr. Surly are stopping by for a visit and a possible trip to a local eatery for some victuals.

I think I’ll sit and read a book (the thing with real paper pages) until they arrive.

Maybe something will strike me later. Then again, maybe not.

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