August 17, 2005

Cosmic Alignment.

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Moon and Stars.jpgYou know? Sometimes the planets, stars and other celestial things line up just right and great things happen, sort of like the Age of Aquarius. You remember that, right? The moon, the Seventh House, Jupiter aligning with Mars, hippies – Hell, it was a Broadway Show, a hit song and a movie.

I don’t know what house the moon is occupying at the moment, nor do I have any idea where Jupiter and Mars are in relation to one another at the moment, but something must be going just right in the universe because there is just no other way to account for the following cosmically wonderful things:

You can now buy dog food formulated with yogurt!

“P. Diddy” has announced that, henceforth, he will be known simply as “Diddy.”

Madonna’s injuries, suffered while horseback riding on her 1,200 acre, $16 million estate in England, will not affect the release of her new album in November.

I simply have got to get me some flowers for my farookin’ hair.

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