August 28, 2005

“K&J Home Repair” to the Rescue.

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I have often said that if I can’t fix something with a hammer and/or duct tape, I need a pro. However, some “jobs” aren’t big enough to get a pro to do them.

This was the case following the installation of new carpet in the bedroom in the House by the Parkway. The rug guys cam in and installed the new carpet and did an excellent job. The problem is that the six doors that open over the carpet were rubbing into the carpet and needed to be cut down.

This would be a no-brainer for anyone with a modicum of handyman skills and a power saw. I don’t have even a modicum of such skills and handling a power saw could ruin my day and screw my guitar playing in one second flat. I won’t own one of those scary-ass things.

What to do? One of the “No Job too Small” guys in the paper would likely find this job to be too small, their advertisements to the contrary notwithstanding. And, if they didn’t find the job to be “too small,” they would probably charge me a hundred bucks per door, as each door had to be carried downstairs and cut outside on the deck.

Yesterday, Ken, my bodyguard, and Jeff, da Chef of da Future, two of the Usual Suspects, got word of my problem and said, “We’ll be there at noon.” Precisely at noon, they roared up to the house, equipped with tools and a power saw and went immediately to work.

They did everything, including lugging the doors up and down the stairs. My job was to “hold the light.” The entire process took a bit more than an hour, which was replete with non-stop ball-breaking all around. Now all six doors open and close without touching the carpet.

Afterwards, I took them out for lunch and beer.

There aren’t many things more valuable than good friends.

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