September 15, 2005

Hey, Rubberneckers!

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Any time now, I’ll be heading over to the rain-soaked train station to collect The Ambassador of the Blogosphere and his most excellent bride, as they will be spending a couple days in the Garden State. I hope to show them some of the good, the bad and the ugly of New Jersey (light on the ugly), including a trip “down the shore.”

I also hope to expose them to a bit of Jersey cuisine, which may include a sausage (pronounced SAH-sij, or sah-ZEECH), pepper and onion sandwich on the boardwalk, some local Italian fare and, most definitely, Taylor Ham.

Unfortunately, the weather has not been cooperating. We are currently experiencing bone-rattling, drenching thunderstorms. However, if venturing out in that stuff becomes impracticable, I have lots of ice on hand (clear ice, of course – one always uses clear ice), a modest selection of Scotch whiskey as well as a not-so-modest selection of other libations, both distilled and brewed. I also have two guitars, a pile of CDs and a dry house.

I think we’ll do just fine.

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