September 28, 2005

Georgia Blogger.

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I was making my regular visit over at Cadillac Tight, and I noticed that he has me listed on his Blogroll in the “Georgia Blogs” category as an Honorary Georgia Blogger.

I’ve won an award or two in my life, but being named an Honorary Georgia Blogger is a distinct honor and privilege, particularly seeing as how I am a 100% born and bred Garden Stater.

I was admitted to this exclusive group approximately one year ago in Helen, Georgia, and I re-united with my fellow Georgia Bloggers in April on Jekyll Island. I have spoken with some of them on the phone on more than a few occasions. One of them even hooked me up with a most excellent guitar. I’ve supped with this guy in Jersey, partied with this guy in New York City and prowled the Jersey Shore with this guy.

How did I gain admittance into this distinguished group of writers and ass-kicking partiers? Hell, to them, I talk funny. I don’t drive a pick-up, and I don’t particularly care for grits. Surely it’s not my writing, and lots of people can play a guitar – no big deal there. I have great farookin’ hair, but I don’t think that did it for me either.

Heaven help me, I do believe that it was my affinity for the crystal-clear “homemade Georgia wine” that did it. I fear that some genetic accident, which probably first occured a couple generations ago in Ireland, resulted in the Dixie Elixir going down like well water, albeit with a knockout punch that would match Mike Tyson’s.

Many of my fellow Georgia Bloggers will be convening again this weekend in Helen, Georgia, but because of a prior commitment, I will be unable to attend. Instead, I will be on a road trip with some of the Usual Suspects to Cape May, New Jersey (the Cape Escape), a lovely place, but, alas, a place where crystal-clear “homemade Georgia wine” is nowhere to be found.

I will, however, be with my Georgia Blogger Brothers and Sisters in spirit.

Y’all have a great time.


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Sometimes we have to make tough choices.

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