September 10, 2005

Say What?

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As I was doing my morning walk in the beautiful weather today I got to thinking about homonyms and homophones and how those little buggers could cause a person trying to learn English to conclude that English can be one very screwy language. I constructed the following two sentences, which, admittedly are a bit contrived, but which illustrate the point.

Her beau stood at the bow of the ship wearing, on his lapel, the red bow she had given him the day he won the archery championship using the bow he made from a bough of a hickory tree, and after which he proudly took a bow before the applauding audience.

So, it appears that you will have to sew the bag so that you can use it to sow the seeds to replace the grass that was trampled by the sow.

There’s simply no accounting for the kinds of goofy stuff I think about while strutting my shit in the mornings.

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