September 26, 2005

Music to My Jersey Ears.

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In the past, I have tried, with the written word, to instruct non-Garden Staters in the proper use of “Jerseyspeak.” Despite my best efforts at phonetically depicting the Music of Jerseyspeak, I have often wished that you could actually hear the words I was writing.

Thanks to the Internet, it turns out that you can hear real Jerseyspeak. More importantly, you can hear words and/or phrases of your choosing from an impressive menu. The speaker is none other than the character of Paulie Walnuts of The Sopranos. “Paulie’s” command of Jerseyspeak is outstanding, even though his bottom lip tends to sometimes get in the way of his speech.

Check out this site. Click on the word or phrase of choice, and Paulie Walnuts utters it in pure Jerseyspeak. My favorites are those in the last column (Insults). But be sure not to miss the proper pronunciation of the universal Jersey greeting, “Haya doo’n?” (Middle column).

Yo! Get ovah dere — Now!! Don’t make me tell you again.

N.B. Be careful. Some of the phrases may not be safe for work.

Via TigerHawk

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