September 27, 2005

Four and Twenty [Gazillion] Blackbirds.

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Blackbird pie.jpgYesterday, as I went out for a morning walk, I could not help but notice that the neighborhood was full of blackbirds. They were on everyone’s lawn as well as raising hell in the trees. I assumed they were taking a feeding and rest stop on their way south.

One of my neighbors, a Haitian lady who apparently is new to the Northeast, saw me walking and asked, “What is with all these blackbirds? Are we in their migratory path?”

I answered that I assumed that to be the case.

However, I secretly thought it might be fun to say, “Oh no, this has absolutely nothing to do with migration. All these blackbirds are a sign of some extremely bad juju,” which I suspect would have seriously screwed up the woman’s day.

Sometimes I am just a regular gott-damned prince.

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