January 19, 2006

Blog Genealogy. (Updated)

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I confess to being somewhat mystified by the whole blog genealogy thing.

I get that if A inspires B to blog, then A is B’s Blogfather (or Blogmother, but let’s stick with males for the sake of simplicity), and if B inspires C to start a blog then B is C’s Blogfather, making person A, person C’s grand blogfather. I take then, if A also inspires D to start a blog, then B and D are Blogsiblings, and person D becomes person C’s Bloguncle. If D inspires E to start a blog, then C and E are blogcousins.

Frankly, it makes my hair hurt.**

Anyway, I did note that Rube, of You Bitch (a Jekyll Island Blogmeet survivor), spawned a blogdaughter. What makes this a rather curious blogbirth is that Rube’s blogdaughter is his mom!! Ewwww That really makes my hair hurt.

My aching hair notwithstanding, you might want to pop over to Rube’s mom’s blog, and tell her what a nice boy her son/blogfather-ewww is.

** I’ll be damned if I know how Harvey keeps track of his Blog Family, which apparently is equal in size to the population of Vermont.

Update: This seems particularly approriate.

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