January 20, 2006

Spitting Image.

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I’ve heard it said in everyday chit-chat that “everyone has a double”. Biologically speaking, barring the cases of identical twins and clones, exact doubles don’t exist.** Nevertheless, some peeps sure look a helluva lot like other peeps. I was reminded of that just this morning.

As I was doing the morning walk, a car pulled up alongside me, and the driver tapped on the horn, which always means that the driver is about to ask for directions. It happens often; more often than I would like, thank you. Nevertheless, being the goddamned prince that I am, I am always gracious, despite my abysmal lack of any sense of direction.

Today, when the driver rolled down the window and leaned over to look at me through the passenger window, I saw her say something, but it did not register. The reason that it didn’t register is because for a second or two, I thought I was looking at Kelley! Same hair, same face, same smile. In that one or two seconds, my mind raced, “Holy shit! What is Kelley doing in Jersey? What is she doing in my town? How did she know I’d be walking on this street? WTF??”

As soon as the momentary brain lock ended, I actually heard the woman’s voice, and it definitely was not the voice of the “Mouth of the Got-Damn South”. No, it was pure Jersey. I finally came to my senses and gave the woman the requested directions, but I have to assume that she must have thought me to be a bit on the “slow” side for having first stared at her, completely slack-jawed.

Weird, I tell ya.

**Note: While OJ Simpson never came out and said that “the real killer” was a twin, he did manage to convince the jury that the “real killer” must have been the one person of 170 million people who share his genetic markers.

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