March 6, 2006

Corzine Gets One Right.

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I did not vote for Governor Corzine, and I’m certainly not a fan. However, he is absolutely right on this issue.

Show Your Support.

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Sgt. Rickey Jones, tweity-one years old, was killed on February 22nd by an IED in Iraq. Since that time, his family has been subjected to phone callers saying things such as, “I’m glad your son is dead.” In addition, the family’s home has been vandalized. There was also some concern that protesters (a group of lunatics from the Westboro Baptist Church) might show up at Sgt. Rickey’s funeral. Fortunately, that did not happen, probably at least, in part, due to the work of the Patriot Guard Riders and other citizens who turned out to protect the Jones family.

I don’t care what your position on the war is. Tormenting a family that has lost a loved one in the war is just flat out wrong.

Kate (of Katespot) has a friend who is organizing a campaign to encourage people to write letters of support to the aggrieved family. Check out Kate’s site for details.

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