March 20, 2006

He Threw What?

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OK, say you’re a 33 year old guy in Chicago who is distraught over problems with your girlfriend back in Poland.

What to do?

Seems pretty straightforward to me. You smash a bunch of car windows and then break into a house near the smashed cars.

Ooops! Someone must have called the police, because at least a half-dozen of them have taken up positions outside the house.

What to do?

Sheesh, it’s a no-brainer:

You proceed to the kitchen.

You remove all your clothing.

You gather up some kitchen knives to throw at the cops.

You slice off your sharona.

You run outside.

You throw the knives at the cops.

You throw your sharona at the cops.

You run inside to get more knives.

Read the whole thing.

NOTE: My German-speaking readers might get a kick out of the pronunciation (ignore the spelling) of the sharona flinger’s name.

Thanks to my friend Brian, the Air Force Vet

From the Ol’ Mailbag.

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Like everyone, I loathe e-mail spam. I delete probably 99% of it without opening it. Occasionally, I will receive a few that are not obviously spam, and I will open them to see if they are legit. Ninety-nine percent of those turn to have been spam, which, in turn, gets them deleted with something just shy of the speed of light.

Occasionally, however, I open one that is so patently ridiculous it makes me laugh. I have to wonder if anyone brighter than a toilet bowel brush would respond to its pitch. Check this one out.

Good day sir,

You are approved for re feyenance

We provide high-quality professional re finaance for residential and comme= rcial assets.

Our flexible aleending standards let us look at you as an individual, with= out the rigid formulas.

Get aapp roval in minutes. No hidden ale ander afees. App ly now.

U S $ 250 ,000 aL0 aANS are avai lable for only $225 / month=

I definitely gotta get me some of that free MOaNEY.

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