March 25, 2006

Dana’s Dell Hell.

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Dana, at The Origin of Soul, is being jerked around by Dell. I have some sense how she feels, as I too have spent some exasperating telephone time with Dell Customer “Support” as noted here and here. Dana’s problem is worse than mine was. In fact, my problem turned out to be an easy fix (having nothing to do with Dell equipment), but which should have been patently obvious to a Customer “Support” person who had any idea what the hell he/she was doing.

As for Dana, her problem does directly involve the computer, which is still under warranty, and yet Dell is still not willing to replace the unit with a new one or to refund her money.

I am now in the market for a new computer, but based on my personal experience with Dell and the experience Dana is having, I think I’ll look into other manufacturers’ products.

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