April 12, 2006

Mr. Blogroll.

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Mr. Blogroll remains under construction.  As you can see, It has become two blogrolls and the entries are now alphabetized.  At the old site, I added links as I found them, but, frankly, I was beginning to forget where on the ever-growing list everything was.

If you were on the previous edition of Mr. Blogroll and do not see your site listed here, not to worry.  We’re working on it. 

Barking Gators

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A couple nights ago, I read this post on Rob’s Site about “barking” alligators, and it literally gave me the chills.  It’s no secret that I am scared shitless of alligators, which, of course, means that my fellow bloggers don’t miss an opportunity to send me pictures of big gators, pictures of groups of gators, pictures of gators on people’s front porches and in their back yards.  Hell, someone even sent me a picture of a mondo alligator swimming around with a big-assed deer in its mouth!

When they’re not sending me pictures to gross me out or scare the dogshit out of me, they’re sending me stories that typically deal with some poor bastard being dragged into a goddamned river by an alligator and presumably eaten.

However, none of the disgusting pictures of these vile creatures or the Some-Poor-Bastard-Got-Eaten stories had the effect on me that the story of the barking alligators did.  I cannot shake the thought of being alone, in total darkness, in some damned woods or the Everglades and hearing alligators but not knowing where they are.  I’ll bet I could write a great story about just that.  The problem is, by conjuring up and dwelling on the mental picture sufficiently to write the story, I would scare the shit out of myself.

If anyone decides to write it, please don’t send it to me.

Barking alligators … in the dark …  Damn!


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