April 28, 2006

Lone Star State Boogie.

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Suitcase:  Packed

Guitar:  Strung and packed

ID, Tickets and Stuff:  Checked and ready

Ride to Airport:  Arranged

Daughter in the House:  Yep

All the essentials are in place for us to head west tomorrow morning to the Blown-Eyed Blodger Tea Party and Ice Cream Social in Austin.  Other than a brief stop at the Dallas (Houston?) airport on the way to Hawaii, this will be my first visit to Texas.  I here it’s bigger than New Jersey.

In order to tune up for the trip we went out to a local Italian Joint and had a few pre-dinner martinis in glasses the size of soup bowls.  Civilized, that.

Play nice while I’m gone for the next couple days.  There are plenty of great things to read over there on the left sidebar.

And, as for you Blown-Eyeds, I’ll see you very soon.

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