April 23, 2006

Bigger and Better.

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This Bloviating Ham & Egger Jersey Guy won’t be in Austin next week, but I will.

Check out the previous entry.  Yeah, the one with the teeny picture.  I spent a couple hours in wee hours of the morning trying to figure out how to make the farookin’ image the size of the original.

 After a couple hours of sleep, I tried for another hour or so with zero success.  Just a moment or two shy of tossing Mr. Computer out the window, I dropped Dogette** a note.  She, after all, does all kinds of fancy things with WordPress on her site (e.g. bathrobes, Goth Undies of Despair and the world-famous 12 Poop Series). 

 Rather than wear out my fingers trying to explain all the undoubtedly stupid things I tried to get the damned image up in its original size, I enclosed a set of keys to the place and asked her to rummage around.

Next thing I knew, there it was — just the way I couldn’t get it to look.  She also sent me instructions on how to do it myself next time.  The instructions are clear, but whether I will be able to execute them is, at best, a crapshoot.

I thank you, Dogette, and so does Doctor Doctor who keeps track of Mr. Blood Pressure.

** I figured that Craig could use a break from dealing with Mr. Techno-Stoopid, particularly on a Sunday morning with a bunch of little ones running about. 


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