July 16, 2006

A Helluva Party it Was.

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The wedding was terrific. The ceremony was performed by the Groom’s (David’s) brother-in-law, who masterfully mixed humor and religion. The reception was a huge, classy shindig, which was followed by a group of the Usual Suspects meeting in The Original Bill’s and the Quietly Sinister Linda’s hotel room until the wee hours of the morning when the vodka finally ran out. It was not unlike a Blogmeet with people packed into a hotel room with plenty of non-stop blabbing and laughing (and drinking adult beverages).

The Original Bill and Linda treated all the guests who stayed at the hotel to a wonderful brunch, which served to dry up the alcohol, awaken tired eyes and kick start the Day Two Party.

After returning from the hotel everyone went home long enough to unpack and then returned to The Deck for some swimming standing around in the pool and doing other water aerobics drinking more vodka. It worked out well, given that the temperature in this neck of the woods was in the nineties.

Now I’m back to the House by the Parkway, more than a bit tired, but I was happy to receive a surprise phone call from this guy, who was on his way to spend more time in the land of our northern neighbors, where lots of folks end their sentences with “ehy?” I hope he gets a chance to visit with Lisa and family again.

Now, I’m gonna try my best to stay awake for Deadwood.

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