July 9, 2006

This Little Piggy.

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Stubbed Toe.jpgDid you every stub your big toe so bad that you saw stars?

Did it continue to throb afterwards, even after applying cold stuff?

Did it hurt like a bitch when you even slightly touch it?

Did the purple hue set in a few hours later?

Did the purple pain maker prevent you on the day after the injury from doing your morning walk?

Did it prevent you from wearing anything on your feet other than those horrible thongy things (a/k/a flip flops), which I believe to be nothing more than Asian torture devices?

For your sake, I hope not.

T1G’s Boitday.

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Yes indeedy. Today is T1G’s birthday, and I have no doubt that he will celebrate with an adult beverage or two. I have had the pleasure being in his company on two occasions, and he is a bear of a guy, but of the “Gentle Ben” variety. I can’t imagine anyone not liking him.

I was fortunate enough to swipe a picture of T1G from Eric’s house when I was there last October. Eric had snapped this picture after T1G drove his Harley from somewhere around Chicago all the way to Tennessee some time earlier that year.

Bugs teeth.jpg

Handsome devil, isn’t he?

Happy Boitday, Joe!

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