July 17, 2006

Bataan Death Golf.

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I believe the temperature in Jersey was tickling 100 (and may even have gotten above that). It was a good day to spend indoors in air-conditioned comfort. I did not spend the day indoors in air-conditioned comfort. Instead, I played golf brought my golf clubs to a golf course and swung them a lot, accomplishing essentially nothing other than proving that owning golf clubs does not make one a golfer.

Yes, it was an outing sponsored by a local organization, and I (along with three others) had promised to show up. Everyone tee’d off at 12:30, not early in the morning when the temperature was a balmy 85 degrees, but at 12:30 when the temperature and humidity were raging.

I must have turned two gallons of water into sweat. Speaking of sweat, I tried a Gatorade for the first time. My God, that stuff tastes like sweat. But, I guess that’s the idea.

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