April 11, 2007

“Seriously East” Meets West.

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Blowneyed Blast.jpgYes, buckaroos, Texas is calling. In a few weeks I’ll be heading off to the Lone Star State to meet up with a bunch of Blown-Eyed Blodgers in Kerrville. As was the case last year in Austin, I suspect that, in addition to attending the numerous writing seminars and symposia, we may also find time to have a few cocktails and do a few tunes. Denny promises to bring his axe and the the world-famous kazoo.

As it turns out, I will be arriving in San Antonio on the same plane as this Blown-Eyed Brooklyn Blodger. Oy!

So, it will be a Jersey knucklehead and a Brooklyn Joooish Babe struttin’ our shit through the San Antonio Airport and talkin’ like Tony and Carmela. Figure we might just stick out a teeny bit?

The good news is that I’ll be carrying a guitar case, so if any locals ask who we are, I plan on telling them that I’m in town to do a gig with Delbert and that, “This here lady is Loretta Lynnstein, one of Delbert’s favorite backup singers. Now where can we get us a Shiner Bock and some farookin’ decent barbecue?” That oughta do it.

Of course, it is possible that someone might say, “Hell, I know you! You’re that Jewish dentist named Mel. I didn’t recognize you without your hat!”

Yo! Youse gonna be in Kerrville, or what?

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