April 22, 2007

What if?

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June 9, 1944

President Franklin D. Roosevelt
The White House
Washington, D.C.

Dear President Roosevelt:

I have been following the grim news of the invasion of France. From what I have read, the airborne assault was a disaster scattering men all over the French countryside, the bombing in advance of the amphibious assault was too far inland to do any good, the naval bombardment left the German gun emplacements intact, and most of the tanks never made it to the beach, all resulting in massive numbers of American casualties (estimates are 1,400 dead and 3,200 wounded).

In short, this is yet another example of the gross mismanagement of this war.

When one considers the losses this country has already suffered in Bataan, Guadalcanal, Anzio and Tarawa, I think it is safe to say that the war is lost.

This is to advise you that I will be meeting with my colleagues in the Senate and conferring with the leadership in the House of Representatives to formulate measures we will take to put an end to this horrible misadventure.

Very truly yours,

Harry Reid
Majority Leader, United States Senate

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