April 20, 2007

Our Ethical Former Governor.

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Mcgreevey2.jpgYou remember our former governor, Jim McGreevey?

Sure you do.


Aw hell, I know he’s been gone for a while, but you must remember him.

He’s the guy who threw a lavish family reunion in Ireland at taxpayers’ expense.

He’s the guy who accepted a speaking engagement vacation in Puerto Rico, which was paid for by the Longshoremen’s Association, an outfit with ties to organized crime.

He’s the guy who surrounded himself with crooks and who may himself been directly involved in a “Machiavellian” scheme.

He’s the guy who put his profoundly unqualified, non-American boyfriend in charge of the safety of the citizens of New Jersey by naming him the Head of the Department of Homeland Security.

He’s the guy who, likely on the verge of being indicted, decided to resign, on the stated grounds that he is a “Gay American”.

He’s the guy who submitted his written resignation to take effect sufficiently in the future so as to prevent the citizens of New Jersey from voting for a replacement in a special election

He is the guy who made New Jersey the laughing stock of the country.

Remember him now?

I thought you might.

Now, it seems that this very same Jim McGreevey has accepted a teaching post at Kean University, a state university, where he will be teaching … hang on to your chair … ethics, law and leadership. In addition to his taxpayer-funded salary (modest thought it may be), he will also be earning credits towards his taxpayer-funded state pension.

I had hoped I was finished writing about this creep, and I damned sure hoped I was done paying for this creep, but this is New Jersey, and the creeps are in charge.

Frankly, I’m fresh out of outrage.

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