April 23, 2007

A PRS Public Soivice.

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Longtime readers may notice that I have written about this before in more detail, but it bears repeating.

Over the weekend I did some significant butchery to my upper lip while shaving. It was one of those gashes where one doesn’t notice the wound until after shaving is complete. Nay, it was immediately and painfully apparent that I took a chunk of meat from Mr. Upper Lip. The bleeding was instantaneous and profuse.

I tried direct pressure, with toilet paper of course, (Sorry Ms. Crow), which did absolutely zippo to stop the serious bleeding. Moving on to a more sophisticated fix, I tried a styptic pencil. I felt the burn and took that to equate with efficacy. Wrong. The bleeding continued.

Clearly, it was time for Da Teabag. Yes, as noted above, the wet teabag has never failed to stem the flow of blood from a shaving cut within a few minutes.

As a public service, I am again extolling the wonderful powers of the humble teabag, with a particular eye toward the ladies and the shaving accidents that I suspect often befall them.** While conjuring up the potential widespread geography of such accidents makes me shudder, I can well appreciate the need to stem the flow of blood.

I, therefore, remind you to toss a box of teabags into your shopping cart the next time you are in the supermarket – even if you don’t drink the stuff. You’ll thank me.

** I seem to recall reading that Eric, who could shave his baby face with a wet towel, uses a razor, geographically speaking, considerably south of his moosh. He would be well advised to keep a large box of teabags on hand.

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