June 4, 2007

Waste of Time.

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Tomorrow is New Jersey’s Primary for state and local elections. Here’s the story in my district.

On the Democrat side, all the candidates (all of whom are incumbents) are running unopposed.

On the Republican side, no petitions were filed for several offices, meaning the Democrats will run unopposed for those offices in November. For those few offices for which a Republican desires to run in November, there is just that – one Republican.

Hell, in my district, it’s hard enough to find one Republican, let alone two, who are willing to go through the motions of running for office, only to be slaughtered in November by the Democrat Sheeple vote.

That all adds up to this primary being a waste of time and a huge waste of all that paper that was used to print out thousands of bilingual sample ballots.

It’s all quite depressing.

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