June 27, 2007

My What?

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I found this over at RSM’s place. Of course, the question posed (“Where should your Inner New Yorker live?”) presumes that legions of people harbor an “Inner New Yorker.” I know for shit sure that I don’t have an Inner New Yorker, because I have no desire to live anywhere in New York City, especially in one of the four lesser boroughs (the ones that are not Manhattan — this, of course, includes the borough that the Wiseass Jooette calls home).

But I took the little quiz for shits and giggles, and here’s what it showed.

You Belong in Soho

Although you may not be a professional artist, you do dabble in one form of art or another.
And you indie culture of all kinds – from little botiques to art house films.

I immediately knew it was a quality test when it confirmed that I “indie” culture of all kinds, including “botiques”. For the record, I also “indie” pizzo and penut butter, and long wolks on the beech, but I do not “indie” alligatars, clownz and krabs.

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