June 2, 2007

Elisson’s Keys.

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Before leaving for vacation, Blogger Extraordinaire Elisson graced me with a set of keys to his place to shit up his site guest post while he is away lounging on some beach with his most charming spouse. I was honored to be gifted with a set of keys from a guy who is an extremely talented writer and who has an inexhaustible supply of creativity.

I was doubly honored when I saw the other bloggers Elisson entrusted his place to. I am in the company of Velociman, Treppenwitz, our favorite Straight White Guy, and Erica, the Smartass Brooklyn Jooette, who has a demonstrated stellar track record for really shitting up people’s blogs while they’re away guest posting.. Pretty heavy-duty group there.

I’ve already tossed a turd into the Blog d’Elisson, and I hope to leave a few more droppings over there during the week. So, if I don’t appear here, you may well find my silly musings over there.


Speaking of Elisson, did I mention that he is a wonderfully talented and creative writer? I believe I did. But, I did not mention that he has managed to do what many bloggers only dream of doing. He has gotten a book published. No kidding. It’s a real, honest-to-goodness book. As the title states, it is a collection of 100 of Elisson’s amazing 100-word stories. You can order your copy at Amazon.com, which is seriously cool. So, go buy one already!

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