June 11, 2007

Yo! A.C.L.U.! Whare are you?

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I’m not religious, and I am of the view that there is plenty of time and plenty of opportunities to pray to one’s heart’s content outside of public school. That said, I have often been shocked at the antics of some, with the enthusiastic support of the ACLU, calculated to eradicate any trace, no matter how small, of the Judeo-Christian tradition, which forms the very basis of the Republic.

So where’s the A.C.L.U. now?

Probably at a John Edwards Rally.

The Sopranos Bullshit “Final Episode”.

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OK, I am assuming everyone who is reading this falls into one of three categories: (a) You have seen the Final Episode of The Sopranos, (b) You have not seen the Final Episode, but you really don’t much give a damn about the Sopranos, or (c) You haven’t seen the Final Episode, but you intend to see it, either on tape, DVD, or “On Demand”. If you are in Category (c), you might want to move on.

The level and amount of media noise and water cooler chatter that was heard before the Final Episode aired was probably exceeded five-fold by the uproar that was created by the unexpected trick played on the audience by David Chase.

Sure, I get it – the blank canvas and all, leaving each to come to his or her own conclusions about an “ending,” seeking clues and, even more nuts, seeking symbolism in the story line. (e.g. “Da cat was Adriana reincarnate, ‘cause it was staring at the picture of Chris.”)

To me, it too cute and clever by at least half. I would have preferred an ending – a real ending, no matter what it was. Tony dies, Tony lives, Tony runs off the circus … I don’t care, as long as it’s the end of an eight-year saga. Oh, there are many on local fan forums, who deride those of us who wanted an “ending” as knuckle walkers, who don’t appreciate nuance. But, I figure they were Kerry voters, who are deeply into “nuance,” so their opinion matters zilch to me.

The Final Episode struck me much like a song in which the final note does not resolve to the tonic. Don’t worry about the link: It is complicated and a snoozer. Rather, consider the song “Happy Birthday” as would be sung to a person with a nice, neat two syllable name:

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday dear Edward.
Happy Birthday to you.

See how nice and tidy that is? It ends in a nice, comfortable place, much like where it began.

Now, hum it to yourself, only this time STOP just after the word “to” in the last line — before the final “you,” and hold that note.

If that doesn’t leave you feeling verrrrrrrry uncomfortable, then you probably don’t give a shit that The Final Episode stopped one word away from the end of an eight-year long “song”.

Drove me downright nutso, it did.

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