June 29, 2007

The Detestable Bob Menendez.

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Listen to the pious whining of the Jackass Senator from New Jersey. Like far too many on his side of the aisle, he is of the view that people who opposed the immigration bill are anti-immigrant; they represent the “lowest common denominator” in the country, and worse yet, they’re racists.

Senator, the operative word that you refuse to acknowledge is “illegal” immigrants. I don’t give a damn where illegal immigrants come from. If they come here illegally, they should not be rewarded for having broken our laws.

Besides, there was plenty wrong with the substance of the bill, not to mention the procedural game that was afoot to ram it down everyone’s throats. The damned thing was cobbled together behind closed doors; it was not the subject of any hearings, and it did not consider the financial and social impact that its passage would have.

Oh, I have no doubt that behind those closed doors there was plenty of concern raised about the adverse impact that not passing the bill might have on those businesses that profit from hiring people who came into this country in violation of existing laws – laws that were passed by these same Senators and which are supposed to be enforced by this Administration. Naturally, these businesses save money by paying sub-standard wages and leaving it to the taxpayer to pick up the tab for the “benefits”.

As for the crap about the “Honorable” Bob Menendez having heard in the Senate the use of the term “those people,” it is just that – crap. Enlighten-New Jersey has posted portion of the Congressional Record that contains the exchange on the Senate Floor to which the “Honorable” Senator Menendez refers.

The “Honorable” Bob Menendez is yet another in a long line of New Jersey political disgraces.

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