April 29, 2008

Clinton Drops Out. Endorses McCain.

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Fort Wayne, Indiana. Senator Clinton stunned her supporters at a campaign rally today when she announced her withdrawal from the Democrat Primary and her endorsement of John McCain for President and her intention to actively campaign for the Senator from Arizona.

Senator Clinton explained to a virtually silent crowd, “I’m sick and tired of hearing those say that by staying in this primary race I am somehow damaging the Democratic Party. I have given this considerable thought, and I have concluded that if the party is hell bent on nominating a no-experience, platitude blathering pal of domestic terrorists, a racist minister and common criminals, go for it. I will team up with Senator McCain to crush Senator Obama and the Democratic Party in November.”

A spokesperson for the McCain Campaign stated, “Senator McCain is extremely happy with Senator Clinton’s endorsement. Senator McCain and Senator Clinton share the same views on many of the issues that are important to the American people.”

When asked if Senator McCain would consider Senator Clinton to be his running mate, McCain’s spokesperson responded, “Senators McCain and Clinton have what they have described as ‘friendly and productive discussions’ about the possibility of being running mates. Let me just say that a McCain – Clinton ticket is a real possibility.”


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