April 3, 2008

Today’s Laugh/Cry/Shoot Yourself Moment.

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Here, Peeps, is the Senate Majority Leader trying to explain how the payment of federal income tax is voluntary. If it weren’t so pathetic, his explanation would be positively hilarious.

I suppose what he was trying to explain is that reporting your income is “voluntary,” which is to say that if you held up a bank, you have the opportunity to “voluntarily” report the proceeds of the robbery as income.

How you would one “voluntarily” report such income? Why, by “voluntarily” filing a tax return, of course. Which begs the question, what happens if you had income and don’t “voluntarily” file a tax return?

The answer is that you will be fined and, quite possibly, sent to the slammer.

Only in the snake-filled mind of Harry Reid could such a system be considered to be “voluntary”.

h/t: C&S

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